#1: "What to do, what to do?"

Left behind by my girl cuz she forgot love at home.
Still I aint got shit to chewin foam.
I ask myself "What to do, what to do?"
Left behind with not a single clue.
I still love but then I'm still at home.
No one should be home, I dream about me and her in Rome.
Fuck, she left home for good...
Will we ever belong to the same hood?
If some one was to ask us I would say "I would".
I would, I could, I should.
May my dreams come true, knock knock knock in wood.
The woman of my life left my skinny ass.
She keeps tellin me it was her and not my vegetarian gas.
And who am I to blame, after all it was her that made the food.
Not that it wasn't good..oh shit now I'm screwed!
Darling, baby, bunny, dear! I love your food how could I not?
After all you were the one in the kitchen cooking, and that's flaming hot!
Yeah girl you rock my world!
You should have heard me hearld...
Ahhh, Lord I've found the one!
She's my own little sugar bun!
But wich God comes alone?
The devils took my bun and sure I felt blown.
Now I'm on my own tryin to be like Sherlok Holmes.
Looking for her to offer her new homes...
Feelin like a esate agent looking to fulfill her dream.
And then fulfill my own by giving her a stream.
Get her knocked up and then take care of her.
Get the baby out so she can forget about the suffering blur.
Oh, bun "What to do, what to do?"
What went wrong, I thought we both grew...
You might have grown slanting...
When I stood still in my own little flowerplot planting...
You needed to change place when I needed water
And woups, I nearly can charged you with manslaughter!
You took all my love and went away
And I'm still here with a pray
Come back my baby dear
Death aint longer my biggest fear....


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