Your futureplans

I got to read my love's futureplans
I really don't know, was it us holding hands?
I got scared and started to shiver as usually
Can't see anything else than we beeing a couple legally
A journalist who works in Copenhagen got you pregnant
Is that me that got my education in Denmark and took care of the achievment?
Girl! I can't say how much I hope it is so...
Becuase, you're the one I want a family with you know
You´re the light that makes me glow
I need that flow
You´re my own Marlyn Monroe
Don't wanna see us outgrow
So please tell me I'm in your futureplan
Because you´re the biggest link in mine, ban
Let´s settle down and dream away all the way to Iran
I want to live in Gothenburg too you see
There we have it bani, it's you and me, it´s we!


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