Cicinho: Referees Are Making Too Many Mistakes For Inter

"Roma wing-back Cicinho is the latest to have his say on the current refereeing controversy and says that there are too many mistakes being made by officials in games involving Inter. The Nerazzurri are at the centre of the storm after receiving two debatable penalties and an offside goal in three of their last four matches. These decisions have all proved decisive in gaining them crucial Serie A points, and Cicinho, whose Roma team are eight points behind Inter, has had his say on the issue. "I would like to stay out of all the controversies relating to the errors in favour of Inter,? said Cicinho. ?Certainly to make mistakes is only human and therefore the referees may do so. ?However at the moment it seems that too many mistakes are being made.? Roma captain Francesco Totti made his voice heard a couple of days ago, in which he said that Inter were certainly getting a helping hand from officials. "I respect the position expressed by Totti because he knows better than I do the Italian championship. I have only been here for a short amount of time," Cicinho concluded. Alessio Alexis"

Jag håller fortsatt tyst när det gäller domarnas roll o inters ledning tills det att Roma gör det de ska. Den enkla anledningen till min tystnad är att jag inte vill uppfattas som någon "bitter tvåa" som skyller ifrån sig andra platsen på en domarkår och ett lag som har ett dyrare manskap. Däremot tycker jag att det nu är en intressant debatt och hänvisar till Cicinhos uttalande...

Finns en väldigt intressant tabell som intaliensk media tagit fram där feldömningar har räknats bort. juventus leder den serien...


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